Dear Guest,

I would like You to be served and savour the food, I myself would enjoy. I would like You to find something that will cater to your palate, taste and liking. I want eating to be your pleasure, not a chore.

Your Chef

About us

Pałac Ostaszewskich

The “Kuranty” Pub- a friendly atmosphere in a spacious cellar of the historic Ostaszewskich Palace built in 1895. The entrance can be found in the corner part of the building at the crossing of the Piłsudskiego and Retoryka streets.

  Polish unique interior design and cosiness. Two separate drink bars where one can taste great drinks, cocktails or have a glass of wine or a bottle of beer. A large variety of Polish dishes. Decorative salads, sandwiches, mini tarts, cold and hot appetizers, main courses, also to take away. Air-conditioned rooms, wireless Internet, two plasma TV sets and a projector, professional and friendly staff.

  In the “Kuranty” pub, apart from food attractions, there is also a cultural-entertainment programme during the weekends. Performances of artists from Krakow such as actors, comedians and singers; poetry readings and inventive parties. We organise wedding receptions, banquets and company meetings.We also prepare catering. We approach everyone individually. We recommend specially-prepared sets of lunches and suppers for tourist groups.

  The “Kuranty” Restaurant and Pub is an ideal place for spiced up hen parties, proms, name-day parties, for celebrating successes and chasing away temporary failures. An ideal place to sit and chat, to dance and to eat or to watch a football match with your friends. Our visitors make the life of this place really exciting.

  The created comfortable atmosphere is a great background for chats with friends. Moreover, you may feed your appetite and quench your thirst here. Please, feel welcome! If you don’t have a favourite place in Krakow yet, where the music isn’t disrupting, we’re waiting for you!

Sincerely inviting,
the Owners and the Crew of the ‘Kuranty’ Restaurant and Pub.