Dear Guest,

I would like You to be served and savour the food, I myself would enjoy. I would like You to find something that will cater to your palate, taste and liking. I want eating to be your pleasure, not a chore.

Your Chef


Starters and Salads

Caesar salad
18,00 PLN
French salad
20,00 PLN
Herring salad
18,00 PLN
Hungarian style herring
15,00 PLN
Beef Steak Tartare
20,00 PLN


Old polish zurek soup
14,00 PLN
Mushroom soup
13,00 PLN
Polish beetroot soup with small dumplings
14,00 PLN
Polish beef tripe soup
15,00 PLN
Spicy gulash soup
17,00 PLN
Sauerkraut and meat stew
23,00 PLN

Meat dishes

Traditional pork chop with chips and stewed cabbage
23,00 PLN
Pork loin roulade with grilled bacon and smoked cheese, garlic sauce, fried potatoes and salad
28,00 PLN
Pork Tenderloin medallions in honey-mustard sauce with fried potatoes and salad
29,00 PLN
Pork spareribs baked in beer and honey with fried potatoes and stewed cabbage
29,00 PLN
Cracow style blood sausage with fried potatoes and stewed cabbage
19,00 PLN
Potato pancakes with gulash
28,00 PLN
Matthias's Delicacy- French pancake filled with chicken and fresh vegetables, champignons and cheese with garlic souse
26,00 PLN
Chicken fillet coated in breadcrumbs with chips and salad
18,00 PLN
Grilled chicken fillet in fig- honey sauce with chips and salad
23,00 PLN
Duck breast in cherries with Malaga wine with rice and salad
38,00 PLN
Old polish style duck with apples and cranberries with chips and salad (1/2 duck)
39,00 PLN
Beef steak with garlic butter, fried potatoes and salad
41,00 PLN
Wiener veal Schnitzel, fried egg, chips and salad
40,00 PLN


Fried trout (1 item) with almonds, chips and salad
27,00 PLN
Grilled salmon with lemon butter with fried potatoes and salad
32,00 PLN

Pasta & Vegetarian dishes

Tagliatelle with spinach
18,00 PLN
Tagliatelle with mushrooms
19,00 PLN
Breaded camembert cheese with cranberries, chips and salad
16,00 PLN
Pancakes with sweet cheese and chocolate sauce 3 pcs.
12,00 PLN

Pierogi (10 pieces)

Russian style pierogi dumplings
17,00 PLN
Pierogi dumplings filled with meat
17,00 PLN
Dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms
17,00 PLN
Pierogi dumplings filled with spinach and feta cheese with garlic sauce
17,00 PLN
Ukrainian dumplings- filled with potatoes and bacon
17,00 PLN
Borderlands dumplings- filled with buckwheat, prune, bacon
17,00 PLN
Dumplings with seasons fruits and whipped cream
17,00 PLN


Warm apple pie with cream
13,00 PLN
Cheesecake with whipped cream
13,00 PLN
Ice cream cup with fruits and whipped cream
12,00 PLN

Side dishes

5,00 PLN
Fried potatoes
5,00 PLN
5,00 PLN
Fried cabbage
5,00 PLN
Set of salad
5,00 PLN
Steamed vegetable
5,00 PLN


Potato crisps
6,00 PLN
Salted Peanuts
7,00 PLN